Waylon and Jessi were the best thing that ever happened to each other and her fierce
commitment to being Waylon's soul mate and Shooter's mom put her own art in the
background.  It's her time now. Give these songs a good listen; you'll be transformed.
Jessi Colter is the real thing: Truth and Beauty. No music is Closer to the music in my
Kris Kristofferson

" ... that trembling voice ... reveals layer upon layer of vulnerability as it caresses a lyric.
Although she's kept a low profile for many years, Colter’s finest moments have stood the
test of time…"
Barnes & Noble.com

"File this one under, ''Well, It's About Damned Time." This collection arrives as one of
the more important and plain necessary releases of the year."
No Depression

"I always believed that Jessi Colter never really knew how pure her music is. Her voice,
piano playin' and writing are one. She is soulful.”
Tony Joe White


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